by Tavo Carbone




5.27 Carriage Barn @ Park McCullough
North Bennington VT
with HMS (
featuring Horse's Mouth (
7pm, Tickets by Donation.
cash bar provided by Harvest Brewing
1 Park Street, North Bennington VT

7.19 Muchmore's
opening with backing band for The Divisionmen
8pm, 21+
2 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn NY

Tavo has moved from Queens NY to N. Bennington VT.
More info on 2017 shows New album release/touring, coming soon.

Album orders
*All* purchases of Tavo Carbone albums will hereon be conducted through the mail (yes; the "pony express"). All albums will include hand-made covers, and take format of: CDs, Cassettes (and Vinyl, within this next year). While all music can still be heard online, off this site, Spotify and others- actual purchase of material can be done online through Google wallet, Venmo (if need be), or by sending check/cash to:
Tavo Carbone
368 Lamb Road, North Bennington VT 05257

Once received, your investment will be rerouted into constructing an individualized handmade jacket/cover. Album will be out in the mail within 24 hrs.

CDs (plastic jacket cover): $10
CDs (non-plastic cover): $12
Cassettes (plastic jacket cover): $6
Cassettes (non-plastic cover): $8


Tavo Carbone is a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, performer, musician, writer and painter from Brooklyn NY.

Carbone has recorded and performed original music for nearly 20 yrs and played guitar for 22 yrs.; independently booking national tours with several backing bands-- specifically the sextet/octet Horse's Mouth. Carbone has opened for The Books, Pattern is Movement, The Spinto Band, Helado Negro, Will Stratton, Jonny Corndawg, Dinosaur Feathers, The Extraordinaires, MiniBoone, Manners, The Wailing Wall, Marc Benevento, Grandchildren, Cameron Hull, Paper Bird, Invisible Hand, and others.

Carbone began recording albums in '98, starting in earnestly with '01s "Oakley Furgason and the Trapezoidal Dilemma", also a 1-man theater performance piece. The album featured guests musicians on original songs with largely multi-instrumental work by Carbone on 4-track and ADAT machines. Soon following were "Cavalcade" ('02), "Up the Beanstalk" (03), "Ribcageophone"(04), "The Hill"(04), "Pitch"(05), "In the Ballroom: An Opera" (05).

Musical influences include Michael Hurley, Lord Buckley, Charles Ives, Charlie Christian, T-Bone Walker, Gabby Pahinui, Muddy Waters, Tom Waits, Roy Buchanan, Sonnyboy Williamson II, Howlin' Wolf, Debussy, Randy Newman, The Fugs, Captain Beefheart, The Beatles, Thelonious Monk, Radiohead, Bartok, Schoenberg, Al Bowlly, Messiaen, Albert Collins, Danny Gatton, Harry Partch, Frank Zappa, The Derailers, Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Sun Ra, Nirvana, Liberace, Stravinsky, Barry White, and more.

For the last 12 yrs Carbone has collaborated, recorded, performed and toured the USA with an immensely talented group of musicians and friends that included: Michael Chinworth (voice, piano, accordion), JJ Beck (drums, piano), Heather Sommerlad (violin, voice), Matt Scott (voice, bass), Sam Clement (guitar), Adele Mori (cello) ( name a few).

2007 brought "2/3 Skeleton", a 14-track album featuring musical instrument contributions from nearly 20 individuals. The album was co-produced by J.J. Beck and S. Clement. That year, Carbone also released "Ear Training" (recorded in Germany and produced/mixed with S.Clement) and "Forward" (a concert at Bennington College's Greenwall Auditorium with a 17-piece backing orchestra).

In '08 Carbone formed original sextet (occasionally octet) Horse's Mouth with Scott, Beck, Sommerlad, Chinworth, cellist Adele Mori and friends. In 2010 the band released its self-titled debut album and toured in its promotion. More recently, the band is playing gigs in VT and plans further activity in 2017. Listen to Horse's Mouth here:

New studio album "Narcissyphus" out late summer '17. The album features Adele Mori on cello and others. Co-produced by Sam Clement.

track listing:
1. Dramaturgical Promulgations
2. Who's The Boss?
3. Never Idle Hands
4. Douchebag Caveat
5. White Silence
6. Like a Sick Eagle (c. Ives)
7. Drive Your Body Like a Zombie
8. All the People
9. Untraceable Cosmic Dust
10. Eastern Colonialism

Shows and tour info tba!

Booking solo and HM band shows for 2017.
For inquiries or further info please contact


"Tavo Carbone is an exceptional songwriter, somewhere loosely in the vein of Tom Waits and Frank Zappa and other oddball geniuses. His arrangements are lush and orchestral and sound as if they were filtered through a gramophone." - Nailgun Media, VA

"'2/3 Skeleton' demonstrates Carbone's ability to abandon the self absorbent path of the typical singer/songwriter and, like Leonard Cohen or Bill Callahan, take his listeners to another place altogether- allowing them to interpret the music in a way that is personally relevant to each individual." - Bart Ford, Under the Mooch Records, Tulsa OK

"Playing with a long list of rotating musicians, Carbone makes the type of subtle glockenspiel-laden old-timey pop that simultaneously makes you feel like you are both in the past and the future." -, KS

"Carbone himself is quite the performer, thrashing around, making funny faces, and tonguing each syllable dramatically" - Phrequency, Philadelphia PA

"There's an off-kilter charm to Tavo Carbone's oddball, old-timey pop...Essentially a solo act, Carbone's been known to employ orchestral flourishes to flesh out his skeletal acoustics including, at one point, a 17-piece backing band." - City Paper, Philadelphia PA

"It's sometimes nice to hear whimsy carry the day...just another day in the world of experimental folk music, I guess". - Jim Macnie, The Phoenix, Providence RI

"Tavo Carbone was quite the opposite, a songwriter that repopulated early blues tunes and country waltzes with unsavory characters and sang with a voice that owed as much to Bessie Smith as Bobcat Goldthwait. Following one song, an audience member turned to me and asked, “Isn’t that what Tiny Tim sounds like?” Yet beneath a voice that might’ve seemed repellent were endearing lyrics about uncomfortable people" - C-Ville, Charlottesville VA

"Brooklyn's Tavo Carbone, a singer/songwriter and backing band combo who should probably be commended for not being hipsters, if nothing else. Carbone writes these cutesy, Library of Congress sounding folkpop songs that could easily be much much worse than they are. Not my thing, but certainly not bad". - We Shot JR, Fort Worth TX

SHOWS (Previous)
11.28 Solo @ Pine Box Rock Shop, 12 Grattan St. [Brooklyn NY]
11.21 Solo @ Pine Box Rock Shop, 12 Grattan St. [Brooklyn NY]
Brooklyn NY. (w visual projections by Connor Kammerer)
11.14 Solo @ Pine Box Rock Shop, 12 Grattan St. [Brooklyn NY]
10.1 Horse's Mouth @ Vermont Arts Exchange
Bennington Masonic Hall, w Dupont Brothers.
504 Main St. $12 general, $5 students [Bennington, VT]
9.17 Pine Box Rock Shop w/ HMS, 12 Grattan St (w
Adele Mori, Heather Sommerlad, Michael Chinworth)
[Brooklyn NY]
6.30 Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St. (w
Adele Mori on cello) [Brooklyn NY]
6.26 Horse's Mouth @ The Left Bank [N. Bennington, VT]
6.7 Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St. (w
Adele Mori on cello [Brooklyn NY]

12.10 solo @ Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St. [Brooklyn NY]

12.8 solo @ Pianos, Ludlow St. w Droneclone [Manhattan, NY]
6.26 solo @ Two Moon Cafe w/ JJ Beck, Pat Hull [Brooklyn NY]
3.29 solo @ House Show [Brooklyn NY]

2.15 The Silent Barn (w/ John Eagle on French Horn and
MaxMXP/Programming] [Brooklyn NY]

5.17 Horse's Mouth @ The Rock Shop [Brooklyn NY] w The Spinto
Band, Sea of Bees [Brooklyn NY]
5.4 Bennington College (acoustic show w Matt
Scott and Sam Clement on guitars) [Bennington, VT]

12.12 Horse's Mouth @ The Emerson w Lowel, Ross Harrow. Paper
Garden Records Showcase (w Heather Sommerlad) [Brooklyn, NY]
11.11 Horse's Mouth @ The Emerson - Paper Garden
Records Showcase (w Heather Sommerlad) [Brooklyn, NY]
9.2 Horse's Mouth @ Pete's Candy Store w Will Stratton, Gunsling
Birds [Brooklyn, NY]
8.9 Horse's Mouth @ Death by Audio w Fleet Faxes,
Ben Seretan [Brooklyn, NY]
5.15 Horse's Mouth @ The Silent Barn w Lux Perpetua, Flower Orgy,
Will Stratton + Jesse Rifkin, Boy Without God [Brooklyn, NY]
5.11 Horse's Mouth @ Death by Audio w Dinosaur Feathers, The
Armchairs, Ball of Flame Shoot Fire [Brooklyn, NY]
4.29 Horse's Mouth @ Union Pool w The Extraordinaires,
Will Stratton [Brooklyn, NY]
4.6 Horse's Mouth @ Littlefield w Pat Hull [Brooklyn, NY]
3.17 Horse's Mouth @ Glasslands Gallery w Ursa Major,
Da Comrade! [Brooklyn, NY]
3.8 Horse's Mouth @ Indie Dark Room Radio Live Broadcast [Brooklyn
1.16 Horse's Mouth @ Kung Fu Necktie w The Armchairs, Virtual Virgin,
Paper Masques [Brooklyn, NY]
1.14 Horse's Mouth @ Monster Island: Showpaper Benefit w Data Dog,
The Armchairs [Brooklyn, NY]
1.1.11 Horse's Mouth @ The Silent Barn w Wailing Wall, Firefoot, Will
Stratton, Ben Seretan [Brooklyn, NY]

11.20 Horse's Mouth @ Sidewalk Cafe w Dropson, Ben Seretan
[Manhattan, NY]
11.13 Horse's Mouth @ Brooklyn Lyceum: Ugly Rhino Festival
[Brooklyn NY]
11.6 Horse's Mouth @ House Show w Dropson, Will Stratton
[Brooklyn, NY]
10.9 Horse's Mouth @ Bruar Falls w The Armchairs, Dropson
[Brooklyn, NY]
10.2 Horse's Mouth @ Bennington College w Firefoot, Miniboone,
Dropson [Bennington, VT]
9.24 Horse's Mouth @ Pete's Candy Store w Raya Brass Band, Heart &
Go, Annie Dressner [Brooklyn, NY]
9.18 Horse's Mouth @ The Silent Barn w Manners, Wailing Wall, Liquid
Days, others [Brooklyn, NY]
9.16 Horse's Mouth @ Pianos w Jonny Corndawg, The Extraordinaires,
Magnetic Island [Manhattan, NY]
8.30 Castle Gay - solo acoustic [Philadelphia, PA]
8.29 House Show - solo acoustic [Philadelphia, PA]
8.28 Horse's Mouth @ Greenpoint Reformed Church
(Chinworth, Sommerlad) [Philadelphia, PA]
8.21 Horse's Mouth @ Building on Bond [Brooklyn, NY]
8.14 Horse's Mouth @ Sycamore [Brooklyn, NY]
8.6 Horse's Mouth @ Building on Bond [Brooklyn, NY]
7.30 Horse's Mouth @ Salem Art Works-SAW Fest [Salem, NY]
7.17 Cameo Art Gallery (w Heather Sommerlad on violin) [Brooklyn, NY]
7.10 Horse's Mouth @ Pete's Candy Store [Brooklyn NY]
6.21 Horse's Mouth @ Cake Shop w Will Stratton, The Viennagram,
Wighead [Manhattan, NY]
6.20 Horse's Mouth @ w Kill You in the Face, Wighead [Philadelphia PA]
6.3 Horse's Mouth @ Death by Audio w Dinosaur Feathers,
Grandchildren, Lonnie Walker, The Armchairs [Brooklyn, NY]
5.29 Horse's Mouth @ The Lovin' Cup w Johnny
Corndawg [Brooklyn, NY]
5.27 Union Pool w MiniBoone, The Extraordinaires [Brooklyn, NY]
5.8 Horse's Mouth @ RISDI: 'take a break' Festival w
Marc Benevento, The Books, Last Good Tooth, others [Providence,
5.7 Horse's Mouth @ Bar Matchless w Oh You Devil [Brooklyn, NY]
4.29 Horse's Mouth @ Cake Shop w Cameron Hull, Will Stratton, The
Extraordinaires [Manhattan, NY]
4.13 Horse's Mouth @ Pianos w The Working Effective [Manhattan, NY]
4.3 Horse's Mouth @ Pete's Candy Store w Blissful, Candy Apples,
Ghost of Arthur James [Brooklyn, NY]
3.31 Horse's Mouth @ The Eclipse w Wighead [Tulsa, OK]
3.29 Horse's Mouth @ Preservation Pub w Paper Bird [Knoxville, TN]
3.29 Horse's Mouth @ Blue Plate Special w Paper Bird [Knoxville, TN]
3.27 Horse's Mouth @ Outer Space w Sons of Young [Charleston SC]
3.26 Horse's Mouth @ Spazz-Fest w Lonnie Walker [Greenville, NC]
3.26 Horse's Mouth @ Tipsy Teapot w Lonnie Walker,
Fang Island, Chinese Stars [Greenville, NC]
3.25 Horse's Mouth @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar w
Pattern is Movement, Andrew Cedermark [Charlottesville, VA]
3.24 Horse's Mouth @ Johnny Brenda's w An American Chinese,
Cheers Elephant, Bee Team [Philadelphia, PA]
3.20 Horse's Mouth @ Union Pool: Album Release Show
w Blastoff!, The Armchairs [Brooklyn, NY]
3.14 Horse's Mouth @ Public Assembly w Wailing Wall,
Duchampion, The Shade [Brooklyn, NY]
2.8 Horse's Mouth @ Death by Audio w Your Nature,
Blastoff!, Wailing Wall [Brooklyn, NY]
1.23 Horse's Mouth @ Firehouse XIII w The Viennagram,
You Can be a Wesley, Magic Magic [Providence, RI]
1.3 Horse's Mouth @ Cake Shop w Lux Perpetua, An
American Chinese [Manhattan, NY]

12.2 Horse's Mouth @ Public Assembly [Brooklyn NY]: 'Brooklyn the
Blog' Party, w Aeroplane Pageant, The Fearsome Sparrow
12.1 Horse's Mouth @ Pianos [Manhattan NY] w The Armchairs
11.21 Horse's Mouth @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar [Charlottesville VA] w
Invisible Hand, Preacher
11.14 Horse's Mouth @ Johnny Brenda's [Philadelphia PA] w Cheers
Elephant, Univox
11.13 Horse's Mouth @ Danger Danger Gallery [Philadelphia PA] w An
American Chinese, Invisible Hand, Lux Perpetua
10.30 Horse's Mouth @ Pete's Candy Store [Brooklyn NY] w Trevor
10.25 Horse's Mouth @ The Bell House [Brooklyn NY]: 'Black bag
Pictures Fundraiser', w Exit Clov, The Stationary Set, The Havens
10.3 Horse's Mouth @ Bennington College [Bennington VT] w The Big
8.24 Horse's Mouth @ Cake Shop [Manhattan NY] w Helado Negro, The
Silent League
8.19 Horse's Mouth @ Union Pool [Brooklyn NY]


released December 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Tavo Carbone Vermont

Tavo Carbone is a recording, touring, performing songwriter native to Brooklyn NY. In '08 formed band Horse's Mouth with friends J.Beck,M.Chinworth,M.Scott,S.Clement,H.Sommerlad. HM released debut album in '10 and toured.
Carbone's recent albums are '13s "Disco Forest" and '16s "Good-est Hits, v.1".

New studio album "Narcissyphus" out summer '17. For booking, contact tavo.k.carbone@gmail
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Track Name: Boxcar Serenade
Dobro, snare: Sam Clement
Piano: JJ Beck
Upright bass: Hamilton Poe
Voice, acoustic guitar, accordion, antique reed: Tavo Carbone

And when I woke the leaves were orange
And the green grass had died.
The branches wound up
The jack-in-the-box sun or the moon or whatever you see anytime.

Anyway, her head fell with the leaves-
Unfastened, like the clapper of a bell.
Skyline met with beds to burrow under the hills- around or over or however it was any way, anywhere, any time, any place that you choose.

Open the door and let it fly out the window, into the stream any way, anywhere that you choose.

She laughs in a way that sends the lemmings from the cliff.
There's murder in her smile but no one seems to mind.

But now's the time
To hide all your children in the ribcage of a dead dog, Or whatever you choose to do.
Anything, any time that you choose.

Open the door and let it fly out the window, into the stream
Any way, anywhere, any thought, any song, Anything any time that you choose.
Track Name: Off to Hawaii
Tuesday without her has not been bad.
A blue fish swims into the glass and he won't let up, even if he can.
Tar and feather my dreams in ice and keep them safe from me.
If your plane sees a white ukulele
Won't you wave to me and have a good time in Hawaii?

Sleep will blossom singing bears
That will shed in rhythm everywhere.
On the roof of a hat you'll find me out
In the cold confetti, falling down.
All these thoughts I have of you
Must be written down and used when you go to Hawaii.

Summer will rescue winter this time.
The trees will go crying petals again
And we'll both know how they'll land.

And then sleep will blossom singing bears
That will shed in rhythm everywhere.
All these thoughts I have of you
Must be written down and used in some way or another
When you go to Hawaii.
Track Name: Somewhere (live '07, Greenwall Auditorium Bennington VT)
Come running with me tonight where the hills touch the sky.
If the moon is shot and tumbles we'll be somewhere else.

It's a place where you can hide and you don't have to think of tomorrow.
Your teeth are thin white doors
That keep on opening and closing wherever you go.

I may be somewhere else, but I'm with you tonight;
No matter what happens somewhere tonight.
Track Name: Microscopic Fine-Print Contract Clause
Days are that much shorter in the winter frost,
With no worries of gathering moss.
I put my clothing on and then I take my clothing off.

Someone's in the kitchen and it's not who I thought,
But no questions seek answering sought.
In every circumstance there's a pre-written law that
Something won't be what you thought.

Letter on the foyer floor; Dead guy mail.
There'll be another croaking sometime soon; Without fail.
He ought to be out on the ocean with the wind in a sail,
And though he cannot tell Earth from Mars that too is not his fault.

Paraphrasing someone that I used to know,
Who knew just how the blowing wind blows:
The watch works fine but the second hand most always slows.

See the man on fire drop and roll.
No water can extinguish his soul.
Most things in this world are funny at their core
And Death collects to even the score.

Midnight peanut butter spoon; Don't get caught.
I always knew that you were voyeuristic; Not my fault.
Had I read the microscopic fine-print contract clause
I'd likely not be here at all and someone else could take the fall.
Track Name: Midnight in the Ballroom (demo 3)
My darling, my dear- I'm in the sand making castles.
If you never get my letter you'll find me in the rain, making puddles.

Why not meet me in the ballroom at midnight?
We can start anew and dance until it's light.

Meet me in the ballroom at midnight-
There's really no reason to decline.
We can start anew and dance until it's light.
Track Name: Four Hours (live '07, Greenwall Auditorium Bennington VT)
Long ago in my mouth people stood but made no sound.

Now horse heads hit the tabletop and roll around.

In my hat slept crushed flies.
They smelled of you.
I don't know why your nails choked the vertebrae under my clothes.


"It's amazing how you spend most of your time figuring out how to spend your time!",
I hear eyes blinking back.

Help me up! My legs can't move that fast.