by Tavo Carbone

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released January 1, 2008

Recorded live at Greenwall Auditorium in Bennington, VT, May 22, 2007.
Live on-site engineering/hard disk live recording by Travis Garrison.
Mixed by Tavo Carbone, Sam Clement and Samuel Rich.
Photography: Unknown source, circa 1910.
All Music and Words © T.Carbone 2007

Tavo Carbone- voice, acoustic guitar, piano
Michael Chinworth- voice on 1, 3. glockenspiel on 4. piano on 3, 5, 6. trumpet on 8
Lee Johnson- upright bass on 4
JJ Beck- drum kit on 3, 4, 8
Mary Gregg- viola on 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10
Michaela Mastellone-Schottmann- cello on 2, 3, 8, 10
Kate Ritter- violin on 7, 8
Alex Powell- violin on 7, 8
Jazmine Carroll- harp on 3
Doug Von Korff- clarinet on 1
Stefan Anderson- trombone on 7, 8
Jacob Perkins- saxophone on 7, 8
Sam Clement- acoustic guitar on 3, 4, 8. dobro on 6. voice on 3
Owen Cartwright- bass on 1, drum kit on 6
Claiborne Dingledine- washboard on 6
Trevor Wilson- accordion and voice on 6, marching drum on 8
Tim Fitzgerald- antique reed


all rights reserved



Tavo Carbone

On solo Tour now, Jan-Aug 2019. Tavo is a gentleman from America who sings songs on voice/guitar/piano. New LP Narcissyphus available here, mail order & Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, iTunes, Apple, YouTube...


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Track Name: Somewhere (live)
Come running with me tonight where the hills touch the sky.
If the moon is shot and tumbles we'll be somewhere else.

It's a place where you can hide and you don't have to think of tomorrow.
Your teeth are thin white doors
That keep on opening and closing wherever you go.

I may be somewhere else, but I'm with you tonight;
No matter what happens somewhere tonight.
Track Name: Forward (live)
I am not tired.
Rest is not what I need.
After all the passing time
I can only keep going forward (not backwards)-
With the clock ticking like an axe in my head.

For a reputation is all a man has.
Track Name: Blue Boats on Black Lakes (live)
I heard someone- they fell apart on the radio.
While out to lunch some years ago,
The white lights went on to signal
Blue boats on black lakes and the white lies went sinking like a stone.

Blue boats on black lakes.

Could you meet me down the well,
Where the crickets tell time in song?
Your hair turned to water in my hand.
Track Name: Four Hours (live)
Long ago in my mouth people stood but made no sound.

Now horse heads hit the tabletop and roll around.

In my hat slept crushed flies.
They smelled of you.
I don't know why your nails choked the vertebrae under my clothes.


"It's amazing how you spend most of your time figuring out how to spend your time!",
I hear eyes blinking back.

Help me up! My legs can't move that fast.
Track Name: Boxcar Serenade (live)
And when I woke the leaves were orange
And the green grass had died.
The branches wound up
The jack-in-the-box sun or the moon or whatever you see anytime.

Anyway, her head fell with the leaves-
Unfastened, like the clapper of a bell.
Skyline met with beds to burrow under the hills- around or over or however it was any way, anywhere, any time, any place that you choose.

Open the door and let it fly out the window, into the stream any way, anywhere that you choose.

She laughs in a way that sends the lemmings from the cliff.
There's murder in her smile but no one seems to mind.

But now's the time
To hide all your children in the ribcage of a dead dog, Or whatever you choose to do.
Anything, any time that you choose.

Open the door and let it fly out the window, into the stream
Any way, anywhere, any thought, any song, Anything any time that you choose.
Track Name: Little Dreams (live)
My dear you've gone to sleep
With one eyelid twitching, like dolphins do.

How high the moon? No deeper than the grave.
Any man can tell -
There's a pebble in every pair of shoes.

Little dreams can keep you from noticing I'm gone.
The smaller the dream,
The more you can't help feeling what you know inside.

Time's faults are not yours.
You know the snow will fall from tear ducts
When you can't let yours go, my dear.

Little dreams can keep you from noticing I'm gone.
The smaller the dream,
The more you can't help feeling what you know inside.

Little dreams can keep you here.
Track Name: Tattered Clouds (live)
Once I tried to carry a tattered cloud and
In my hands it crumbled.

Once I tried to sit on a tattered clouds and
In my hands it crumbled.
Track Name: Numbers Shapes and Signs (live)
What is all this space meaning now?
Oh my goodness gracious!
What is all this space?

Here's a kick in my ass that makes me smile again.

How do you smell now?
Is there ever any moment's pause?
I'll kiss you again, but
With a distance that may not be the best

And when things pickup we'll spend some time again.

My, oh, my, oh, my.
Track Name: I Lost Hold of Your Hand (live)
I fell asleep and in my dream I lost hold of you hand.
As the season pulls my skin off for me
I hope the flowers will soon be coming to help me.

The train was old and full of steam.
She walked into the river, but
There's not much we can do.
When the flowers come they'll need the sun too.

Ask just once of my dream where
I lost hold of your hand.

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